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Geometric Terrariums & Glass Terrariums China Manufacturer

Descriptions: Specifications:
1. Handmade items with 5 years of manufacturing experience. Materials: Glass, Copper Foils or Copper Strip, Solder
2. Geometric shape design and can be customized according to customer drawings. Colors: Black, Silver, Rustic Copper, Bright Copper
3. Please Download PDF Files for More Details Package: Foam Box, Corrugated Box, Wooden Box
Note: please consult the seller for more details: info@geometricterrariums.com

Geometric Terrariums (Faceted Terrariums)

Grow a DIY garden in geometric terrariums (faceted terrariums). The DIY bottle garden is a container similar to a terrarium in which plants are grown. Being easy to create and maintain, the geometric terrarium gardens are commonly used of home decoration, or as a miniature decoration garden in areas with little space, like patios or high rise apartments. These geometric terrariums are widely used in showcasing air plants, succulents...

Dodecahedron Terrariums
Hexahedral Terrariums
Quartz Shape Terrariums
Teardrop Shape Terrariums

Solder Glass Boxes

The solder glass multi-use box has the charming geometric solids. You can using this geometric solder glass box as a jewelry box, glass planter, home decoration or wedding decoration. It can be transformed into an romantic storage for dried flowers, live flowers, silk flowers, jewelry, cards or letters. We can offer soldered general glass boxes and soldered stained glass boxes for your choice...

Jewelry Glass Container
Solder Jewelry Box
Stained Glass Case
Solder Glass Boxes

Soldered Glass Picture Frame

The glass picture frame made by solder metal frame is a great creative gifts for postcard, dried flowers, photos, pictures, home decoration or wedding decoration. We can offer soldered general glass picture frame and soldered stained glass metal frame for your choice...

Soldered Glass Picture Frame
Soldered Glass Picture Frame
Soldered Glass Picture Frame
Soldered Glass Picture Frame

Air Plant Hanger

This geometric metal frame also known as air plant hanger or air plant holder, is soldered by brass strip. There is a minimalist and creative design for air plants. It is a geometric patterned mobile designed to rotate softly in the wind. The almost constant movement reveals different angles and perspectives as the mobile rotates...

Air Plant Hanger
Geometric Metal Frame
Air Plant Holder
Air Plant Metal Frame

Yinuo is a professional manufacturer of solder glass terrariums and solder hanging terrariums in China. Our main products includes geometric terrariums, glass planters, hanging terrariums, solder glass boxes & cases, soldered frame and more. We focus on manufacturing handmade terrariums and hanging terrariums then shipping products to North America, Europe and around the world. Our experienced team of project managers, engineers and QA specialists to manage manufacturing projects and ensure product quality from demand to delivery (inquiry, design, materials, production, package, shipping).